Question – Short background I ‘m a visiting scholar on J visa

Short background:
I’m a visiting scholar on J1 visa which is expiring soon in late February.
I’ve already applied for a waiver of 212e two-year home residency rule, and I’m going to apply for a marriage-based Green card as soon as I get the waiver of 212e.
My question is:
Can I continue working as a visiting scholar (no salary from sponsor university) while my I-485 is pending (before I receive the EAD)? What can I do in the USA while my I-485 is pending?
Thanks so much for your time!

Question – I am going to US on a f visa can

I am going to US on a f24 visa, can i work for an indian company remotely and get paid in my account in india while i wait for my greencard and other related paperwork once i enter US